Muvoni Biometric and Smart Card Solutions

Muvoni Biometrics and Smart Card Solutions (MBSS) provides unique identity management solutions and services to the government, civil and health sectors, along with commercial identity management systems throughout Africa.

In addition, our company supplies a comprehensive range of biometric and smart card products and solutions, while specialising in customised software development, system integration and system operations.

We offer the management of individual identities, including permissions, authorizations and authentications to provide customers with optimal security and productivity managed risk.

MBSS’s biometric and smart card products and solutions are widely acknowledged as a form of electronic identification that is not only secure and reliable, but also offers some of the best biometric technology available today.

We address customer challenges of:

  • Identity fraud
  • Corruption
  • Compliance

  • Risk management
  • Conflict of interest
  • Law enforcement

We do this through verifying the identity of people, checking their integrity, ensuring non-repudiation and validating the authenticity of credentials.  Due to its sensitive nature we always remain cognisant of issues of integrity, privacy and confidentiality.


Part of MBSS’s success is our alliance with reputable partners such as technology vendors and product suppliers, together with system integrators and implementation service providers.   We pride ourselves on the skills we have on board namely subject matter experts as well as engineers and consultants with expertise in, project management, architecture design, business process mapping and software development.  These resources enable us to deliver consistently on projects.

We are extremely proud to be part of major projects with the South African Police Services (SAPS), the Bombela Operating Company (Gautrain) and the world’s largest back record conversion of its kind for the Department of Home Affairs.

Our identity management services and biometric and smart card products and solutions are renowned for being interoperable and for providing the utmost privacy, security and accountability, while they cannot be forged, stolen or forgotten.  MBSS offers products and solutions unmatched by our competitors.